Biggest Draft Busts of All-Time

The NFL draft is a time for the professional teams to pick the best college football players that will improve their team. The players that make the draft are the best of the best. The draft does not always work out as a team plans. These are some of the biggest draft busts of all time.

JaMarcus Russell

Russell was drafted by the Oakland Raiders to play the position of quarterback. He was the first overall pick in the draft in 2007. He played three football seasons with this team and has a 7-18 record. The Raiders missed out on other players since they wanted Russell.

Tim Couch

Couch was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 1997. He was the first overall draft pick. He lasted five seasons with this team and did not do too much to help their record. After this time he left the NFL.

David Carr

Carr was drafted by the Houston Texans and he was their first pick in the draft in 2002. This quarterback was sacked 76 times during his rookie season in the NFL. While he was great in college he was better as a backup for the pro team.

Charles Rogers

Rogers was drafted has the number two overall pick by the Detroit Lions in 2003. He was only able to play 15 games as a professional and then he was released. During in time with the Lions he was injured often and was said to be struggling with a drug problem that affected his performance.

Tony Mandarich

Mandarich was drafted in 1989 by the Green Bay Packers. He was said to be one of the best defensive linemen to every play the game of football. Unfortunately this was not the case. His cock attitude and struggle with drugs ended his career just after three seasons.

Vernon Gholston

Gholston was drafted by the New York Jets. He was an intense pass rusher in college and was the sixth overall pick in 2008. While he was in the league he was not able to sack anyone and did nothing to improve the performance of the team.

Ki Jana Carter

Carter was drafted to be a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was a running back that was the first overall pick in 1995. He was from the Big 10 school Penn State University. He did very well in college but could not live up to his performances as a pro.

Blaine Gabbert

Gabbert was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was going to be the quarterback. The was the 10th selection in the 2011 draft. While he did make the cut he only played three reasons. He was then traded to another team and has not made a name for himself since.

Aaron Curry

Curry was picked by the Seattle Seahawks. He was the fourth overall pick in 2009. He was a safe pick for the team and was supposed to be a great player. He lasted three seasons with the team before he was let go. He has not played for another NFL team since the Seahawks.

These are some of the biggest draft letdowns in the NFL. These players all had talent but it seems like for some reason they could not make it in the pros. These players did not do a whole lot to improve the team and did not last in professional football for very long.