Are Golden State Warriors Good For The NBA?

There are those out there that will say that the Golden State Warriors are not a good fit for the NBA. That could be said, it could also be argued that the NBA needs a team like Golden State to help and inspire other teams to be just as good as they are. There are always those teams in all sports that people say are harmful to that particular sport. Regardless of if it is the Yankees in baseball or the Patriots in football, Golden State is just this era’s team to be hated. This is not the first time a team in the NBA has been despised and chances are that this will not be the last team. Let’s look at a few of the other teams that people said were bad for the NBA.

Boston Celtics
There was a time when people hated to hear the name Boston Celtics. As it tended to bring a sense of hatred in them. This was due in part to Larry Bird and Kevin Mchale. These two players along with the rest of the Celtics dominated the sport in the 80’s. People then said that the Celtics were bad for the sport and that they needed to lay off and give some of the other teams a chance at winning. After the 80’s passed and Bird retired, we saw the rise of another team that dominated in the 90’s. Along with the Celtics, there were the Los Angeles Lakers that seemed to be in the NBA finals with the Celtics almost every year. While this annoyed a lot of people, this led to some really great moments on the court.

Stephen Curry
This is one of the most misunderstood players in the NBA. There are those players and fans that love Curry, as he gives them an image to go after and yet, there are those players and fans that despise him for the mere fact that he comes across as arrogant and stuck on himself. The addition to the team of Kevin Durant this year has made the Golden State Warriors one of the most loathed teams in the NBA.

Kevin Durant
This is a player that many views as a sellout. There are a number of reasons for this but the simple fact is that they see him as a sell out for the fact he left Oklahoma City to be with Golden State. Why you might ask, well the answer to this question is simple, he wanted a championship ring. When he left the Thunder a lot of fans lost their respect for him and hated the Warriors even more as they felt that the team had lured away from their best player and a man that had devoted his career to the Thunder. In some ways, you really can’t blame the man for wanting to improve his situation. Yes, he should have remained a loyal team, but there is that attraction to being on a winning team. This is why a lot of people will say that Golden State is not good for the NBA.

In the end, we all need to remember that at one time the Golden State Warriors were thought of as a joke in the NBA. Just because they are the biggest name at the moment does not mean that a team down the road like the Grizzlies will not eventually lead to being the next team that will be hated and looked at as a bad stain on the face of the NBA. So just chill and relax and let the Golden State Warriors do what they are doing and enjoy the ride that they are currently on.

Golden State Matches Loss Total For Season Already

The Golden State Warriors have made a lot of noise in the last few years. Last year was the highlight as the Warriors won a record 73 games and only losing 9 total games. This year brings a little different of a scene as it is halfway point and the Warriors have already hit that 9 game loss point. That means unless they go perfectly the rest of the season, they will not meet their record from last year. That is the bad news, the good news is at this point barring them completely just stopping their efforts and winning, they will be in the playoffs this year. That does not always mean a Championship as was the case last season. There are still some Warrior fans that are trying to get the taste of them losing a 3-1 game advantage and then losing the series on their home court.

Maybe that is part of the problem, maybe the Warriors are in some form still trying to recover from the fact that they lost the NBA Finals at home. It was a hard pill to swallow but the team came back and has been strong all season long, losing only a little of their edge. Many in the club, though that with the addition of Kevin Durant, that was going to somehow lead to more wins this season. Let’s be honest, the simple fact of the matter is that Kevin Durant is still trying to wear a lot of the hate that has come across by the fans of the Thunder. In fact, the last time these two met in Oklahoma, the reception between him and Westbrook was cold, to say the least.

Stephen Curry is another player that is able to rally his team, last season when he sat on the sidelines for a number of games, he was the one that was cheering them on and giving them the support that they needed to be able to win without him. This season, though things seem a little off and there is really no reason for it unless the mojo that the team has had is beginning to wear off a little. Some will look at the fact that they have only lost 9 games so far as still being a good team, there are those that will see this and say they should have only won 9 games at this point. The Golden State Warriors have a formula that seems to work for them and as long as it is giving them wins, then they need to not mess with that and just enjoy the ride.

Many people that you ask, will tell you that the Warriors are poised to make a serious run again for the finals. There is only one thing that stands in the way of them winning yet another championship and that is themselves. There are those that look at the magic that the Warriors did and are amazed by it, then there are those that look at it and say yeah they won 73 games. But then they lost the three most important games of the season. This is a concept that many fans will look at, what good is a super winning season if you lose the most important games of your entire season? The Warriors will win more games this season and will more than likely lose at least a couple more games. All that being said, we will see when the season ends as to where exactly the Warriors end up. Who knows it could be another team that dethrones the Warriors.

Golden State Warrior Highlights At Mid-Season

*Mid Season Highlights: a thing of great interest to Sports fans:

Golden State warrior highlights at mid season is something that sports fans look forward to learning about. Normally the half way point of the season can consist of some very interesting analysis as well as predictions.

Golden State still does lack many important wins as well as victories mid season. Thus far, Golden State has lost games against the Cavilears, Houston Rockets and the Memphis Grizzlies. Of course, Golden State is not very happy about the oppositions victories.

For example, Damien Jones has not been such an effective player so far. However, within the NBA Development League Jones averaged 6.8 rebounds as well as 6 points over 13 outings. In spite of the success Jones demonstrated within the NBA Development league, Jones still has a long way to go as far as proving himself an effective player.

Kevon Looney is a 6ft 9in sophomore who is considered a rotation player. It seems Looney has great ambition however he needs to focus in order to learn from other players and meet the goals that are expected of him. Kevin Looney for sure is seeking Championship redemption.

*Players & the Grading System:

Shaun Livingston has been referred to as the “perfect warrior”. In some regards Livingston may just be a “perfect warrior”. Livingston seems to be the one and only player that will not fire from long distance. Shaun Livingston has very accurate delivery skill and destruction may follow at an alarming rate of 43.3 points. The destruction rate which is referred to could better be explained at a rate of 43.3 per 100 possessions. Presently Livingston has been rated a “B” grade player which is pretty good for a rookie.

Klay Thompson has a consistant and impressive record. Thompson has averaged between 21.3 -22.1 points per game on a 43.7 percent shooting. At one point Thompson remarkably earned 60 points on a 33 point field goal which is quite impressive to say the least. Klay Thompson can do some remarkable things on the court when he is all fired up.

This player definitely has great playing potential. Thompson has remarkable reflexes as well as timing. Klay Thompson may improve his playing skills even more if he pays more attention to the opposition in the future. Thompson’s defensive metrics have declined slightly. Presently, Klay Thompson is graded a B+ player which is better than average.

Stephen Curry certainly is not as efficient in comparison to other players. Curry maintained a 23.3 which was considered one of his worst playing seasons. In the second season Curry had 300 plus triples. Stephen Curry is considered a super star and talented player. However, it seems last season painted Curry in a negative light. However, there is always room for improvement and Curry is striving to improve his technique and efficiency.

Players receive grades just as if they were back in school. For the most part, everyone understands the grading system of A through F. The same system generally applies to basketball players.

Mid season highlights can give the public an idea of what to expect for the remainder of the season. However, you would be amazed at how quickly things can turn around. A team that may have had little hope can actually achieve great victory in the final weeks on the court.